Welcome to the Blog

Welcome: Well, this is it. My website. This project has been a long time coming. I probably bought the domain and starting working on this thing a year ago but couldn’t get it to a level that I was happy with. That has finally changed. There are still a few things that I will continue to hammer out over the next few weeks. Most notably, the online store.¬†Over the next few weeks I should have that up and running and will be making my party sets and scrapbooks available for purchase. If I’m feeling extra productive I might even throw in a few hidden Easter Eggs… What to expect from this blog: Here you will find a collection of my recipes, projects, tips, and occasional pictures of my animals.¬†Each month I will post a seasonal free download and a few other goodies. If there is anything you want to see me work on, feel free to send a suggestion and I’ll try to make it happen. That’s all for now. Here goes nothing....

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