Elegant Pirate Party

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Is it just me, or are lists taking over the internet? You know the ones I’m talking about –15 things to do before you turn thirty, 10 things to do before you settle down, etc. — these lists seem to be exploding on popular blogging sites everywhere.

Well, I came across one of these lists the other. I don’t remember exactly what it was titled, but it was something along the lines of 20 things you need to stop doing in your 20’s. While it contained a few good ideas, I found myself disagreeing with one bullet point with every fiber of my body. Themed parties.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that themed parties are just for kids you need to rethink your relationship with that individual. Trust me, you don’t need that negativity in your life. In a world where so much time is spent plugged in to technology and stuck in a daily grind, what’s wrong stepping back from the real world and exercising your imagination for a bit? Costume parties are a great way to let loose. It’s fun to take on a new persona for a few hours and be someone or something completely different.

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Lucky for me, my friends feel the same way.

A while back, I hosted a pirate-themed murder mystery party complete with decorations, Caribbean food, and scallywag shenanigans. Unlike some of the parties I’ve hosted in the past, I had a hard time finding inspiration for décor on the internet. Everything I came across was black, red, and cartoonish. Not quite what I had in mind for my event. I wanted to create a space that felt a little thrown together but exclusive. A sort of pirate speakeasy. You know, the type of place that fancy pirates would hang out.

I began decorating by stringing Christmas lights across the ceiling. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but it seemed like a good place to start. Next, I tacked up several different colored pieces of material… including one blanket that Savannah destroyed when she went through her (thankfully) short chewing phase. The idea here is “elegant hole in the wall” so there was no real method to where I put everything, I just moved pieces around until I was happy. Finally, created some texture by adding tulle and fish netting into the mix.

 photo IMG_2968.jpg

I set the table with simple white plates… mostly because that was all that I had. Originally, I had wanted to use mismatched china plates to give the impression that the pirates had collected their tableware while pillaging wealthy ships over the years, but I didn’t have time to acquire these things by the time I started decorating.

 photo IMG_2930.jpg

Dollar store silver serving trays, candles, and an assortment of costume jewelry created my centerpieces.

 photo IMG_2922.jpg

Finally, I created a few printable pirate pieces to put the finishing touches on the table.

 photo IMG_2960.jpg

If you like this party set, click here to purchase the files for your own party.

For more pictures of the party, click here.

Next time someone tells you that you are too old to dress up and spend an evening lounging in a makeshift pirate tavern, just smile and tell them they have no idea what they are missing out on. A little imagination in your life is a good thing. Don’t let haters get you down.


  1. I would have literally flown home for this. This is awesome.

    • I’m planning another murder mystery this fall. It’s going to be 1920’s mobsters. Very Great Gatsby in stye. I’ll let you know when the party is going down. 🙂

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